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By Grazia D, 27 Nov 2023 – Editor-in-chief di Ascolta News

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The common threads of this edition of the most important technology conference on earth are twofold: sustainability and access to resources + AI.

The following is a list of startups that I think are interesting both for their original approach to tackling a problem and for the use of one or more technologies they have employed to solve the problem. The founders, both young and old, all have the attitude of “assemble and disassemble,” pose critically but not pessimistically toward the future. Moreover, some women in particular, show tenacity and resolve in dealing with the gender gap (another topic of this edition). A healthy pride that is sowing seeds in a very courageous and strategic way, in some cases starting from the root as is the case with YourDaye, a female-led startup that has developed a tampon for the diagnosis of major uterine diseases.

1. Luckie Tech is a Brazilian startup with a mission that excites from the story of its founder, Joel de Oliveira Junior, an engineer who lost his son to cancer. It is a device created to save lives of children and adolescents undergoing cancer treatment: through a bandage, changes in vital signs are revealed, anticipating possible complications. With the information gathered, the hospital can recommend, more precisely, the start of treatment, even at a distance. Its goal is to try to reduce the mortality rate among young patients who will undergo the treatment (started the trial already in two hospitals).

2. Dermaself® is an online, all-Italian platform that offers free dermatology consultations for those with acne. This startup also stems from a personal story: a dermatologist mom and a daughter with apparently incurable acne, in Milan. Thus was born Dermaself®, a platform that analyzes one’s acne and recommends cosmetics to use. In Italy, more than 5 million people suffer from acne, but only 20 percent of them go to a Dermatologist because of the prohibitive costs that a visit to the Dermatologist entails; Dermaself® addresses the remaining 80 percent with free online consultations. This all-female startup also has a profoundly revolutionary mission: to break down a taboo and reclaim its singularity and its right to access personalized care for women.

3. Kvistly is one of the most interesting platforms I’ve seen here at the Web Summit. Interesting because of the way it uses artificial intelligence and the very very smart interface to use. They do a simple thing but they do it well: they create quizzes about anything in 1 minute. Queso can enhance learning and inclusion in a fun and effective way not only for kids. It can basically pull questions from your materials seamlessly and easy to implement (with a qrcode!). It breaks the monotony of quizzes and makes creation easier, improving learning.

4. PageParade Founded in March 2023 in Poland with a team relocated between Austria and the Netherlands, this startup has a singular mission, to enable anyone to effortlessly create impactful presentations, regardless of previous experience and skills in creating presentations. They promise ease of implementation, cost and time optimization.

5. Tellme.place is an “online environment” for talking about loneliness and mental distress. This is also a startup that starts from a personal story, that of Bogdana Kostiuk, the founder who started from an important fact: 79% of young people experience loneliness on a daily basis, many of them feel lonely at work. They feel isolated from others, especially if they work remotely. This globally accessible platform was created with the aim of connecting those who feel lonely at work.

6. Framedrop, is a video editing software for streamers based on artificial intelligence: basically the best moments of live streams are automatically captured and turned into topical moments ready to be shared on social media.

7. UncovAI, come from San Francisco and specialize in advanced machine-learning artificial intelligence tools and solutions, at the Web Summit announced the launch of a revolutionary artificial intelligence tool that can accurately distinguish texts written by humans from those generated by GPT-type models. They promise to be an efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

8. BrandVox is the analytics and tracking platform of a Ukrainian team. The goal is to help brands succeed on social media by improving their positioning strategy. It basically allows brands to track mentions on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, enabling them to identify market opportunities, respond to customer inquiries, protect brand reputation. analyze the sentiment of mentions and the ‘intensity of mentions.

9. Podsqueeze is an intuitive tool that helps podcasters, podcast managers, and agencies reuse podcast content. How? Obviously with the power of artificial intelligence. It basically allows users to generate transcripts, show notes, blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, episode clips, quote images, and landing pages from podcast audio or video files with a single click. In short, a console for popularizing your podcasts because it allows you to easily create for your own social media posts. Must try.

10. Highfive Expert is an HR platform born from two Ukrainian women, Kateryna Ostapchuk, Co-Founder of technology startups and Viktoriia Prydatko, a Recruitment Influencer with 20 years of experience, known for creating successful teams for Grammarly, Ring and Vimeo, are opening paving the way for a new approach to hiring tech-savvy talent. As? By prioritizing relationships and proprietary highfive.expert software through which technology companies can be contacted first by candidates.

11. Forumm David Cowan with his project Forumm is an Alpha Startup. It is a fintech-for-good startup on a mission to reshape the fundraising system of alumni who, think of it, donate more than $20 billion to U.S. universities each year. This platform combats the disparity in access to funding between elite institutions and smaller educational facilities. In short, a cutting-edge online toolbox, previously accessible only to established universities, now available to a wider range of educational institutions at a greatly reduced cost.

12. QiBud is a platform that translates corporate vision into consistent and measurable actions. Adapted to all management styles and business structures, it fosters collaboration and execution of work fluid and intuitive. What’s new? It focuses and promotes better attention to key activities, stimulating innovation and improving coordination.

13. Point of You is a genius startup. Their motto is “The point on the map is a mirror of personality, not just coordinates.” The two founders, Maria and Eugene Rakitin launched this Portuguese startup that offers personalized maps with recommendations from influencers and opinion leaders. Those who wish can create their own map and share inspiring and favorite places. For bloggers and influencers, it is a way to guide others to lesser-known places and profit from them. For their followers, it is an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of an interesting person and get a feel for it. An evolved and augmented google maps.

14. Robosculptor is one of the leading robotics experts in the United Arab Emirates providing non-invasive aesthetic body treatments. In practice they offer a wide range of tools for aesthetic body contouring including lymphatic drainage, sports therapy, anti-cellulite treatment and skin tightening. They use a high-speed 3D camera, capable of creating a precise 3D model of a patient in just 10 seconds. It then dynamically adapts to the patient’s movements, resulting in a truly personalized experience. Potentially fantastic for physiotherapy, medical massage in rehabilitation and indeed aesthetic remodeling of the body.

15. S.Lab is one of the startups that positioned itself among the top 10 in the PITCH competition of the web summit that brings together startups in their early stages. It is a necessary startup because it offers a green packaging solution composed of only two components of plant origin: one is made up of agricultural waste and the second is mycelium. Mycelium is a network of mushroom roots used for its binding power and therefore useful for creating resistant and reliable material capable of completely replacing polystyrene. It is a natural substitute for expanded plastic and can be applied in various sectors such as padding for cosmetics, housings for electronics, packaging for furniture and fashion and even heat-insulating boxes for food and pharmaceutical products. This packaging basically has the same characteristics as polystyrene in terms of durability, waterproofing and thermal insulation, but after use it will completely crumble in just 30 days. With this innovative solution S.Lab supports the sustainable packaging needs of companies, producing locally and on a large scale.

16. Tonto, an app that shows great promise. It applies AI to audio content search. The app responds to the growing demand for personalized audio experiences based on individual listening habits by providing real-time recommendations. The ‘algorithm leverages user data to personalize recommendations, continually evolving over time. By meticulously analyzing factors such as listening duration and individual preferences, it achieves high personalization and user engagement.This innovative approach ensures users embark on a curated audio journey that resonates with their unique tastes, mood complexities. Tonto’s algorithm is probably one of the most cutting-edge algorithms in this Web Summit.

17. Fiero is the world’s first true zero-code game engine. A simple subscription (SaaS) model designed for independent developers and game studios will soon be available. Founded in 2022 by two UK-based industry veterans, Fiero was born out of frustration caused by the poor usability and high friction of current game development engines. The vision is to create great games without writing a single line of code, thus making creativity the true driver of the game creation process. If you are in this business, beer the free beta for game developers on the site. Video games represent a huge industry and revenue (movies and music combined) it is worth taking an interest starting with this very innovative solution.

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