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The first social media that ENCOURAGES freedom to speak and listen. 


I was one of the earliest “adopters'' of Corona in early 2020 and during my long recovery I was listening to a lot of Comedy and music from various platforms. That’s when the idea of Tonto came about.

The idea is what if everyone had something to say that I was interested to listen to. I am sure I wanted to listen to the stupid stuff my friends say on daily basis. And hence now we have named it Tonto - in Spanish it’s  silly or stupid.

Although the idea was pretty simple the team worked hard to build a version and released a controlled beta and we learnt a lot from this and the feedback was the foundation to simplify and improve Tonto.

I personally want Tonto for everyone. I want it to be a tool to express vocally or musically or otherwise with audio. It could be a quick blurb or a longer audio. It’s all about freedom of speech and expression. Listen to Comedy, Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Stories, Interviews, News and whatever entertains you.

While Tonto has built in mechanisms to confront hate and oppression on the platform, we want it to be a place for everyone and every point of view. We don’t like censorship.

At Tonto we are a young multinational team based in 3 continents. We are here to help you easily create, communicate and enjoy listening.

Thank you for your interest in Tonto and welcome.

Manna - @mannajustin

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